Let the chatbot do the work

How does it work?

Natural voice conversation. No need for pen, paper or computer.

Test Retirement, Risk, Succession, Wealth and Budgeting.

Do quick calcs. Tax, Retirement, Risk profile, Pensions, Mortgages.

Investigate contribution types and amounts. Test scenarios.

Financial planning chatbot

The assistant asks the required questions so you can, test strategies and do calculations, . No need for a mouse or keyboard so the conversation flows normally. You just need an Alexa device and simply add the skill as you added your other Alexa skills. The individual chatbot is part of a SMFP subscription so you need to subscribe in order to get the password.

You need an Alexa device with the requisite screen size

Key Features

  • Test strategies on Retirement, Risk, Budget, Wealth creation, Estate planning and Education.
  • Values are remembered and available with each new session.
  • There are six quick calculations. In seconds, you can do a quick tax, age pension, account-based pension, investment profile and retirement calculation.
  • The assistant asks questions and then displays the results on the screen, with an explanation.
  • No need for computer, keyboard or mouse. A simple Amazon Echo device will suffice.
  • Navigation is easy, using voice and/or navigation button.
  • A user guide is always available. Just say, “User Guide”.

Watch the self-managed video