Adviser assistant

Our digital assistant helps you get the answers you need immediately.

Natural voice conversation. No need for pen, paper or computer.

All values are remembered for the next session. Update easily

Access anywhere. Use your Echo device or any other devices with Show Mode

Financial planning calculations, products and information

About the digital assistant

The Finchat Financial Planning Digital Assistant allows the adviser to access financial planning calculations, information, strategies and products with simple voice commands. Do it from any place with an internet connection.

The assistant simply displays the result of the instruction given by the adviser. For example, “Alexa, lets test salary sacrifice” or “Alexa show the approved list for balanced funds”.

You then explain the results and implications to the client so together you can build a strategy.

Watch a video explaining the assistant.

Key Features

  • Investigate retirement, risk, wealth, budget, education and succession.
  • Values are remembered and available with each new session.
  • Explore strategies and develop recommendations.
  • Transparency with calculations and assumptions.
  • Convenient to use, simply be in hearing range to use skill.
  • A great combination. chatbot does the claculations and the adviser explains them.