Let the adviser assistant do the work

How does it work?.

Natural voice conversation. No need for pen, paper or computer.

Record the meeting for a complete record for reference and compliance.

Ask the assistant to create list of tasks as well as reminders.

Investigate strategies and products. Create advice documents.

Financial adviser assistant

The assistant allows an adviser to gather client information, test strategies, do calculations, examine products and produce an advice document using voice only. No need for a mouse or keyboard so the conversation with the client flows normally.

Just give the assistant an instruction and it displays the result on the screen for the adviser to explain.


Key Features

  • Test strategies and products on Retirement, Risk, Budget, Wealth creation, Estate planning and Education.
  • Values are remembered and available with each new session.
  • Produce an advice document simply by giving a command.
  • The assistant only asks questions and then displays the results on the screen. The adviser explains the results.
  • No need for computer, keyboard or mouse. A simple Amazon Echo device will suffice.
  • Easily video the session to have a full record of advice for reference and compliance.
  • Ask the assistant to create a list of tasks with reminders.

Watch the adviser assistant video