Digital assistant – use voice only

How does it work?

Natural voice conversation.

No need for pen, paper or computer

Access anywhere.

Keep track of your financial well-being.

Digital assistant for individuals

It’s not easy to find affordable easy-to-use financial information. The SMFP Digital Assistant allows you to review your financial well-being from the convenience of your home, even couch, using your natural voice.

The skill is in test phase and if you give us feedback, we will give you a free subscription when the final version goes live. We find honest feedback invaluable.

Add the skill in your Alexa app

You need an Alexa Echo device with a screen and you simply add the skill as you did with your other Alexa skills.

When searching for it on the Alexa app, look for “Self Managed Financial Planning”.

Key Features

  • Keep track of your retirement, risk, wealth, budget, education and succession well-being.
  • Values are remembered and available with each new session.
  • Explore tips to improve your financial well-being with your own values.
  • Transparency with how values are calculated.
  • Assumptions explained.
  • Convenient to use, simply be in hearing range to use skill.
  • Evaluate whether you need a qualified financial planner to make a recommendation.
  • User guide always available. Just say “user guide”.
  • There are six quick calculations. In seconds, you can do a quick tax, age pension, account-based pension, investment profile and retirement calculation.

Watch the video